M Browz was founded by Mehrnaz Bosch to create a foundation of support and education within the beauty industry. We are proud to offer a range of comprehensive semi-permanent makeup and advanced Aesthetic courses to further that mission.

Upcoming Dates

Summer 2023

Group classes only

Washington DC - Virginia / October 1st-2nd

Microblading + Powder Tattoo Shading

Tuition: $4,000 $3,700 “Early bird enrollment” until the end of August

Fall 2023

Group classes only

Ohio - Toledo/ Date to be advised

Microblading + Manual Shading

Meet Your Instructor

Train with Mehrnaz Bosch herself to become a certified M Browz PMU Artist. Through M Browz Academy, you’ll learn how to perform all the M Browz spa services, including microblading, micro shading, powder brows, eyeliner, eyebrow lamination, lash lift and tint, and more.


Throughout our exclusive three-day courses, we will practice on paper, skin pads, and live models. On the first day, we will work on the theoretical framework. You will continue to experiment on two live models on the second day. Models are then brought back after a five-week healing period for a touch-up session. After finishing the course duration, a license is given that declares you have successfully completed your training.


Because of Mehrnaz requiring nothing less than perfection and instilling the confidence in me that is necessary in this business, I can and will be successful. She has a beautiful and clean studio, kind-hearted staff, and the highest quality of products. I promise from experience you will never be disappointed with your decision when you decide to make the leap and advance your career. Mehrnaz, you are the kindest soul..I don’t know how to ever thank you enough!

I took the 3 day microblading class and my experience exceeded my expectations more than I could ever explain! Mehrnaz and her team do not let anything but excellence get approved and that means the world to be successful in this industry. I will be taking the rest of my continuing education classes with Mehrnaz in the future! This whole journey has been SO INSPIRING to me.

I attended the Microblading Academy. I did private lessons with Mehrnaz and she was wonderful! She really makes you feel cared about and welcome! She’s a meticulous teacher but that is necessary with this type of training. I would 100% recommend training at MBrowz!