Who WE are

We are M Browz, Northwest Ohio’s highest ranked Spa and Academy. Welcome to your premier destination for semi-permanent makeup and luxurious spa services.

Our reputation is confirmed through constant referrals and our relationship with our clients is built upon respect. M Browz team of experts prioritize experiences that leave our esteemed clients glowing from within. 

Let us be your trusted partner on your journey to naturally enhanced beauty.

our team

Mehrnaz Bosch

Founder / Chief Executing Officer

Mehrnaz is the visionary steering M Browz toward new heights of success and innovation. With an artist's eye and a strategic vision, she guides the team toward achieving ambitious goals, infusing our brand with her unique grace and leadership style. Through inspiring guidance and a profound understanding of market dynamics, she champions a culture of achievement, redefining beauty standards and ensuring the realization of M Browz collective vision.

Brittany Pierson

Advanced Aesthetician / Instructor

Brittany boasts over 8 years of nurturing her skills and passion in the art of skincare. She specializes in signature facials. Her approach extends far beyond treatments as she offers her clients a pure sense of calm and relaxation through her advanced techniques.

Regina Ruiz

Lash Artist / Instructor

Meet Regina, our Lash Artist & mentor and an independent Licensed Cosmetologist. In 2019, she discovered her fervor for empowering women and accentuating their beauty through exquisite eyelash extensions. She now leverages her solid understanding of the lash extension nuances to offer mentoring for aspiring lash artists.

Najmeh Loghavi

Brow Artist

With an eye for detail and a passion for enhancing natural beauty, Najmeh crafts each brow with precision and finesse. Her expertise extends beyond shaping; it's about understanding individual styles and bringing out the best in every face. With meticulous care and an artistic touch, she ensures that each client walks away feeling confident, empowered, and beautifully framed.

Narges Barefoot

Content and Digital Operations Officer Founder and Creative Director at Crisp Olive™

Narges is the mastermind behind our captivating digital narrative and streamlined operations. She enhances our brand's online presence and curates engaging content strategies that resonate with our audience. Her passion and expertise lies in merging creativity with digital/technical finesse. With this combination she ensures engaging content and optimized online functionalities throughout M Browz digital landscape. 

Negarina Cooper

Chief Operating Officer
Founder at Negarain

Negar is the backbone of M Browz operational success. She optimizes processes and fuel growth. With a keen eye for efficiency, she enhances workflows to ensure seamless and productive functionalities. Her collaborative approach fosters synergy among all teams, driving a unified vision for excellence and sustained success.