Powder Browz Course

powder browz

what is powder/ombré Browz?

This process creates a gradient effect on the eyebrow that looks beautiful and natural. To create the ombré effect, a handheld machine places tiny dots of pigment into the first layer of the skin, similar to the stippling effect.

In this course, you will learn three different shading techniques, Cartridges/Needle configuration, using a digital PMU machine.

the course

Three-day, in-person course for beginners

Full starter kit sufficient for 30 clients included

Hands-on practice and experience on paper and latex skin pads

Practice on two live models with touch up practice later

Live demonstration and hands-on mentorship

Receive an official certificate approved by Lucas County Health Department

the Details

  • M Browz Digital Wireless PMU Machine
  • Tattoo Machine holder
  • Cartridges 0.1mm – 0.3mm
  • M Browz Eybbrow pigments /5 color
  • Latex practice
  • M Browz mapping pencil
  • Aftercare pack
  • M Browz Ratio
  • String Mapper
  • Calipers Measurement
  • Disposable applicator, brush, pigment ring,
  • Micro brush
  • Alcohol pad
  • M Browz Disinfectant wash
  • Numbing Agent

M Browz Permanent makeup pigments meet all requirements for quality and safety of the tattooing product regulation and the EU regulation ResAp (2008)1 – Made in Germany


There is no unknown risk associated with the medical and radiological examinations. M Browz pigments are intended exclusively to use in permanent makeup.

  • What Is powder Brows
  • Powder Brows Vs Traditional Tattoo
  • Combination of Powder and microblading
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Layers Of The Skin
  • Color Theory
  • Understanding Warm and Cool Tones
  • Mature Skin
  • Stretching Techniques
  • PMU Cartridges/Speed/Depth
  • Eyebrows Outline and shaping
  • Numbing
  • Shading techniques
  • Aftercare
  • Touch Ups
  • Before and after The Procedure
  • Contraindications
  • Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Set-Up Procedure
  • Client Consultation

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Tuition is $3000 for Group Classes, $3,700 for private

A $500 deposit is required to secure your seat. All deposits are non refundable and may not be transferred.

the Agenda

  • Implements and supplies
  • Consultation and documentation
  • Client safety
  • Skin anatomy
  • Brow shaping
  • Brow mapping
  • Tattoo Machine introduction
  • Cartridge configuration
  • Shading Technique
  • Latex practice
  • Color theory and pigmentation
  • Live demonstration
  • Workspace preparation
  • Mapping and measuring
  • Eyebrows outline
  • Shading Practice
  • Latex practice
  • Workspace preparation
  • Mapping and measuring
  • Model preparation
  • Shading technique
  • Microblading on a live model/touch up
  • How to start up your business
  • Marking/branding
  • Social media tips
  • Pricing strategy
  • Insurance
  • Health Department workspace requirements/working permission
  • Tools and accessories

Note: Before attending the class, you must complete Bloodborne Pathogen Training and First Aid Training.


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Powder Browz

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