Microblading Starter Kit


  • M Browz Signature Leather bag
  • Microblading Textbook (PDF file)
  • Manual Pen (Double side/holds disposable single-use blades for hair strokes and shading)
  • M Browz Disposable Microblading pen with the sponge (3 boxes)
  • M Browz Pigments – 5 color (Made in Germany)
  • Tweezer and scissors
  • Latex practice sheets (3 sheets)
  • M Browz Mapping pencil (2 in a box)
  • Disposable ink rings
  • M Browz Aftercare pack, including ointment and disinfected shampoo (3 boxes)
  • Ratio
  • Arrow mapping tool
  • Brow measuring calipers
  • Disposable micro applicator
  • Disposable brow and lash applicator
  • Disposable color applicator
  • Green Soap Dispenser
  • Alcohol pads
  • Numbing agent



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