You’re Going to Love Your M Browz Permanent Makeup Franchise

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Teaching is What We Do

You’ve already learned about the M Browz Academy and our commitment to teaching the latest techniques in semi-permanent makeup application. Now, you can count on us to provide a training program that meets the mark for every aspect of the M Browz business, from additional spa services to business management and operations. With the M Browz franchise model, you will open your own studio confidently, knowing you’ll be supported every step of the way.

Our goal is for every franchise owner to feel well prepared and excited to open their studio.

We do that in multiple ways at M Browz

This is where the magic begins at M Browz. By way of our proprietary curriculum, we’ll teach you our methods for PMU application, as well as how to provide other spa services and applications. Clients come back because of the high M Browz quality standard of skill and service. You can even become certified to become an M Browz Academy in your area, to train other local professionals.

Your training journey will begin online and continue in person. You’ll learn every aspect of the business, from how to provide premium spa services to your clientele to how to manage inventory and accounting. Then we’ll join you at your studio to follow up with any questions you may have.  

Your studio space will be designed to warmly invite clients to look and feel their best. We’ll help you as you select an appropriate site for your budget, guide you in the negotiation of your lease, and provide advice and specs as you build out, design, and equip your studio space. 

Advanced tools and platforms have been chosen and created to help you operate your permanent makeup franchise business with ease. We will show you how to utilize our market-tested user-friendly management software to keep your business running beautifully.

We will guide you through local marketing campaigns, provide branded web presence, guide you on networking and client retention, and more. This is a beautiful business to own, and we will help you showcase it properly.

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